1. 1

    मेधावी तु ततो ध्यात्वा स किञ्चिदिदमुत्तरम् | लब्धसंज्ञः ततस्तं तु वेदज्ञो नृपमब्रवीत् || १-१५-१

    Rishyasringa, a highly intellectual and knowledgeable one in the Vedas, pondered for a while, revived his memory and said to the king. [1-15-1]

  2. 2

    इष्टिं तेऽहं करिष्यामि पुत्रीयां पुत्रकारणात् | अथर्वशिरसि प्रोक्तैर्मन्त्रैः सिद्धां विधानतः || १-१५-२

    "I will procedurally conduct the ritual contained in the preamble of atharva-veda with procedural hymns, called <<em>>putra kaameSTi i.e., the ritual that bestows sons, for your benefit." [1-15-2]

  3. 3

    ततः प्राक्रमदिष्टिं तां पुत्रीयां पुत्रकारणात् | जुहाव चाग्नौ तेजस्वी मन्त्रदृष्टेन कर्मणा || १-१५-३

    Then that resplendent Sage Rishyasringa commenced that putrakaamesthi ritual, offering oblations into sacred fire with ritual acts meticulously contained in hymns. [1-15-3]

  4. 4

    ततो देवाः सगन्धर्वाः सिद्धाश्च परमर्षयः | भागप्रतिग्रहार्थं वै समवेता यथाविधि || १-१५-४

    Then the deities along with celestial beings, siddha-s, i.e., the souls that obtained salvation, and also other esteemed sages who by now are the residents of Heavens have duteously assembled in the firmament to receive their part of the oblations. [1-15-4]

  5. 5

    ताः समेत्य यथान्यायं तस्मिन् सदसि देवताः | अब्रुवन् लोककर्तारं ब्रह्माणं वचनं ततः || १-१५-५

    Those deities who procedurally assembled there in that congregation then spoke to Brahma, the creator of worlds. [1-15-5]