1. 1

    पुनः प्राप्ते वसन्ते तु पूर्णः संवत्सरोऽभवत् | प्रसवार्थं गतो यष्टुं हयमेधेन वीर्यवान् || १-१३-१

    On completion of one full year another springtime arrived, and then Dasharatha a determined one to beget progeny by performing Horse Ritual entered the ritual hall. [1-13-1]

  2. 2

    अभिवाद्य वसिष्ठं च न्यायतः प्रतिपूज्य च | अब्रवीत्प्रश्रितं वाक्यं प्रसवार्थं द्विजोत्तमम् || १-१३-२

    After offering humble salutations and worshipping sage Vasishta in accordance with prescribed ordinance for begetting children, he obediently said.....- [1-13-2]

  3. 3

    यज्ञो मे क्रियतां ब्रह्मन् यथोक्तं मुनिपुङ्गव | यथा न विघ्नः क्रियते यज्ञांगेषु विधीयताम् || १-१३-३

    "Let my ritual be performed scripturally, oh eminent Brahman, let it be conducted in such a way that no obstacle occurs even in its ancillary functions". [1-13-3]

  4. 4

    भवान्स्निग्धः सुहृन्मह्यं गुरुश्च परमो महान् | वोढव्यो भवता चैव भारो यज्ञस्य चोद्यतः || १-१३-४

    "You are an affectionate friend and most reverential spiritual guide to me. The burden of performing the sacrifice which has since commenced shall be borne by you." [1-13-4]

  5. 5

    तथेति च स राजानमब्रवीत् द्विजसत्तमः | करिष्ये सर्वमेवैतद्भवता यत्समर्थितम् ||१-१३-५

    Then that reverent Brahman Vashishta said to king, "Whatever that is requested or decided by you, I will see that all of them are materialised accordingly." [1-13-5]