1. 66

    नाऽशुक्लवासा स्तत्राऽसीत्क्षुधितो मलिनोऽपि वा | रजसा ध्वस्तकेशो वा नरः कश्चिददृश्यत || २-९१-६६

    In that army there was none who could be seen without wearing garments of sparkling white, who was hungry or dirty or with decayed hair. [2-91-66]

  2. 67

    आजैश्चापि च वाराहैर्निष्ठानवरस़ञ्चयैः | फलनिर्यूह संसिद्दैस्सूपैर्गन्ध रसान्वितैः || २-९१-६७

    Dishes of goat and boar with delicious sauces were there and condiments that were spicy, fragrant and succulent, cooked in fruit juices,..... - [2-91-67]

  3. 68

    पुष्पध्वजवतीः पूर्णाश्शुक्लस्यान्नस्य चाभितः | ददृशुर्विस्मितास्तत्रनरा लौहीस्सहस्रशः || २-९१-६८

    - vessels of rare metals filled with rice, decorated with flowers, were offered in thousands to those soldiers there. The soldiers saw them with wonder on all sides. [2-91-68]

  4. 69

    बभूवुर्वनपार्श्वेषु कूपाः पायसकर्दमाः | ताश्चकामदुघा गावो द्रुमाश्चासन्मधुश्च्युतः || २-९१-६९

    Along the edge of the forest, wells were filled with thick payasam. There were wish fulfilling cows and honey dripping trees. [2-91-69]

  5. 70

    वाप्यो मैरेयपूर्णाश्च मृष्टमांसचयैर्वृताः | प्रतप्तपिठरैश्चापि मार्गमायूरकौक्कुटैः || २-९१-७०

    The wells were found filled with datepalm liquor and surrounded by pots of well cooked meat of peacocks, chicken and other animals. [2-91-70]