1. 21

    पर्णशालां सुविपुलां तत्र सङ्खातमृत्तिकाम् | सुस्तम्भां मस्करैर्दीर्घैः कृतवंशां सुशोभनाम् || ३-१५-२१

    Lakshmana built a very spacious straw-cottage there levelling and raising the clay for raised floor of the cottage, strongly pillared with long bamboos, thereupon on those pillars excellent rafters are made. [3-15-21]

  2. 22

    शमीशाखाभिरास्तीर्य दृढपाशावपाशिताम् | कुशकाशशरैः पर्णैस्सुपरिच्छादितां तथा || ३-१५-२२

    And the branches of Shamii trees are spread out, twined firmly with twines of jute strands, and with the cross-laid bamboos for thatching, and over that blades of Kusha grass and leaves of Kaasha are spread and well over-covered for the roof. [3-15-22]

  3. 23

    समीकृततलां रम्यां चकार लघुविक्रमः | निवासं राघवस्यार्थे प्रेक्षणीयमनुत्तमम् || ३-१५-२३

    Thus that very great mighty Lakshmana made that best and very spacious straw-cottage with a levelled surface for residence of Raghava and it resulted as a feast to the eye. [3-15-23]

  4. 24

    सहसा लक्ष्मणः श्रीमान् नदीं गोदावरीं तदा | स्नात्वा पद्मानि चादाय सफलः पुनरागतः || ३-१५-२४

    Lakshmana then went to river Godavari, had his bath, and returned with some lotuses and fruits. [3-15-24]

  5. 25

    ततः पुष्पबलिं कृत्वा शान्तिं च स यथाविधि | दर्शयामास रामाय तदाश्रमपदं कृतम् || ३-१५-२५

    Lakshmana offered oblation of flowers, invoked peace as per tradition (before occupying a newly made home) and showed Rama the cottage he had built. [3-15-25]