1. 66

    अयं द्विजैर्हि विद्वद्भिः पशुधर्मो विगर्हितः । मनुष्याणामपि प्रोक्तो वेने राज्यं प्रशासति ॥ ६६ ॥

    This practice which is reprehended by the learned of the twice-born castes as fit for cattle is said (to have occurred) even among men, while Vena ruled.

  2. 67

    स महीमखिलां भुञ्जन् राजर्षिप्रवरः पुरा । वर्णानां सङ्करं चक्रे कामोपहतचेतनः ॥ ६७ ॥

    That chief of royal sages who formerly possessed the whole world, caused a confusion of the castes (varna), his intellect being destroyed by lust.

  3. 68

    ततः प्रभृति यो मोहात् प्रमीतपतिकां स्त्रियम् । नियोजयत्यपत्यार्थं तं विगर्हन्ति साधवः ॥ ६८ ॥

    Since that (time) the virtuous censure that (man) who in his folly appoints a woman, whose husband died, to (bear) children (to another man).

  4. 69

    यस्या म्रियेत कन्याया वाचा सत्ये कृते पतिः । तामनेन विधानेन निजो विन्देत देवरः ॥ ६९ ॥

    If the (future) husband of a maiden dies after troth verbally plighted, her brother-in-law shall wed her according to the following rule.

  5. 70

    यथाविध्यधिगम्यैनां शुक्लवस्त्रां शुचिव्रताम् । मिथो भजेता प्रसवात् सकृत्सकृद् ऋतावृतौ ॥ ७० ॥

    Having, according to the rule, espoused her (who must be) clad in white garments and be intent on purity, he shall approach her once in each proper season until issue (be had).