1. 311

    यथा सर्वाणि भूतानि धरा धारयते समम् । तथा सर्वाणि भूतानि बिभ्रतः पार्थिवं व्रतम् ॥ ३११ ॥

    As the Earth supports all created beings equally, thus (a king) who supports all his subjects, (takes upon himself) the office of the Earth.

  2. 312

    एतैरुपायैरन्यैश्च युक्तो नित्यमतन्द्रितः । स्तेनान् राजा निगृह्णीयात् स्वराष्ट्रे पर एव च ॥ ३१२ ॥

    Employing these and other means, the king shall, ever untired, restrain thieves both in his own dominions and in (those of) others

  3. 313

    परामप्यापदं प्राप्तो ब्राह्मणान्न प्रकोपयेत् । ते ह्येनं कुपिता हन्युः सद्यः सबलवाहनम् ॥ ३१३ ॥

    Let him not, though fallen into the deepest distress, provoke Brahmanas to anger; for they, when angered, could instantly destroy him together with his army and his vehicles.

  4. 314

    यैः कृतः सर्वभक्ष्योऽग्निरपेयश्च महोदधिः । क्षयी चाप्यायितः सोमः को न नश्येत् प्रकोप्य तान् ॥ ३१४ ॥

    Who could escape destruction, when he provokes to anger those (men), by whom the fire was made to consume all things, by whom the (water of the) ocean was made undrinkable, and by whom the moon was made to wane and to increase again?

  5. 315

    लोकानन्यान् सृजेयुर्ये लोकपालांश्च कोपिताः । देवान् कुर्युरदेवांश्च कः क्षिण्वंस्तान् समृध्नुयात् ॥ ३१५ ॥

    Who could prosper, while he injures those (men) who provoked to anger, could create other worlds and other guardians of the world, and deprive the gods of their divine station?