1. 296

    सप्ताङ्गस्यैह राज्यस्य विष्टब्धस्य त्रिदण्डवत् । अन्योन्यगुणवैशेष्यात्न किं चिदतिरिच्यते ॥ २९६ ॥

    Yet in a kingdom containing seven constituent parts, which is upheld like the triple staff (of an ascetic), there is no (single part) more important (than the others), by reason of the importance of the qualities of each for the others.

  2. 297

    तेषु तेषु तु कृत्येषु तत् तदङ्गं विशिष्यते । येन यत् साध्यते कार्यं तत् तस्मिंश्रेष्ठमुच्यते ॥ २९७ ॥

    For each part is particularly qualified for (the accomplishment of) certain objects, (and thus) each is declared to be the most important for that particular purpose which is effected by its means.

  3. 298

    चारेणोत्साहयोगेन क्रिययैव च कर्मणाम् । स्वशक्तिं परशक्तिं च नित्यं विद्यान्महीपतिः ॥ २९८ ॥

    By spies, by a (pretended) display of energy, and by carrying out (various) undertakings, let the king constantly ascertain his own and his enemy’s strength;

  4. 299

    पीडनानि च सर्वाणि व्यसनानि तथैव च । आरभेत ततः कार्यं सञ्चिन्त्य गुरुलाघवम् ॥ २९९ ॥

    Moreover, all calamities and vices; afterwards, when he has fully considered their relative importance, let him begin his operations.

  5. 300

    आरभेतैव कर्माणि श्रान्तः श्रान्तः पुनः पुनः । कर्माण्यारभमाणं हि पुरुषं श्रीर्निषेवते ॥ ३०० ॥

    (Though he be) ever so much tired (by repeated failures), let him begin his operations again and again; for fortune greatly favours the man who (strenuously) exerts himself in his undertakings.