1. 286

    अदूषितानां द्रव्याणां दूषणे भेदने तथा । मणीनामपवेधे च दण्डः प्रथमसाहसः ॥ २८६ ॥

    For adulterating unadulterated commodities, and for breaking gems or for improperly boring (them), the fine is the first (or lowest) amercement.

  2. 287

    समैर्हि विषमं यस्तु चरेद् वै मूल्यतोऽपि वा । समाप्नुयाद् दमं पूर्वं नरो मध्यममेव वा ॥ २८७ ॥

    But that man who behaves dishonestly to honest (customers) or cheats in his prices, shall be fined in the first or in the middlemost amercement.

  3. 288

    बन्धनानि च सर्वाणि राजा मार्गे निवेशयेत् । दुःखिता यत्र दृश्येरन् विकृताः पापकारिणः ॥ २८८ ॥

    Let him place all prisons near a high-road, where the suffering and disfigured offenders can be seen.

  4. 289

    प्राकारस्य च भेत्तारं परिखाणां च पूरकम् । द्वाराणां चैव भङ्क्तारं क्षिप्रमेव प्रवासयेत् ॥ २८९ ॥

    Him who destroys the wall (of a town), or fills up the ditch (round a town), or breaks a (town)- gate, he shall instantly banish.

  5. 290

    अभिचारेषु सर्वेषु कर्तव्यो द्विशतो दमः । मूलकर्मणि चानाप्तेः कृत्यासु विविधासु च ॥ २९० ॥

    For all incantations intended to destroy life, for magic rites with roots (practised by persons) not related (to him against whom they are directed), and for various kinds of sorcery, a fine of two hundred (panas) shall be inflicted.