1. 321

    तथा धरिममेयानां शतादभ्यधिके वधः । सुवर्णरजतादीनामुत्तमानां च वाससाम् ॥ ३२१ ॥

    So shall corporal punishment be inflicted for stealing more than a hundred (palas) of articles sold by the weight, (i.e.) of gold, silver, and so forth, and of most excellent clothes.

  2. 322

    पञ्चाशतस्त्वभ्यधिके हस्तच्छेदनमिष्यते । शेषे त्वेकादशगुणं मूल्याद् दण्डं प्रकल्पयेत् ॥ ३२२ ॥

    For (stealing) more than fifty (palas) it is enacted that the hands (of the offender) shall be cut off; but in other cases, let him inflict a fine of eleven times the value.

  3. 323

    पुरुषाणां कुलीनानां नारीणां च विशेषतः । मुख्यानां चैव रत्नानां हरणे वधमर्हति ॥ ३२३ ॥

    For stealing men of noble family and especially women and the most precious gems, (the offender) deserves corporal (or capital) punishment.

  4. 324

    महापशूनां हरणे शस्त्राणामौषधस्य च । कालमासाद्य कार्यं च दण्डं राजा प्रकल्पयेत् ॥ ३२४ ॥

    For stealing large animals, weapons, or medicines, let the king fix a punishment, after considering the time and the purpose (for which they were destined).

  5. 325

    गोषु ब्राह्मणसंस्थासु छुरिकायाश्च भेदने । पशूनां हरणे चैव सद्यः कार्योऽर्धपादिकः ॥ ३२५ ॥

    For (stealing) cows belonging to Brahmanas, piercing (the nostrils of) a barren cow, and for stealing (other) cattle (belonging to Brahmanas, the offender) shall forthwith lose half his feet.