1. 176

    यदि तत्रापि सम्पश्येद् दोषं संश्रयकारितम् । सुयुद्धमेव तत्रापि निर्विशङ्कः समाचरेत् ॥ १७६ ॥

    When, even in that (condition), he sees (that) evil is caused by (such) protection, let him without hesitation have recourse to war.

  2. 177

    सर्वोपायैस्तथा कुर्यान्नीतिज्ञः पृथिवीपतिः । यथाऽस्याभ्यधिका न स्युर्मित्रोदासीनशत्रवः ॥ १७७ ॥

    By all (the four) expedients a politic prince must arrange (matters so) that neither friends, nor neutrals, nor foes are superior to himself.

  3. 178

    आयतिं सर्वकार्याणां तदात्वं च विचारयेत् । अतीतानां च सर्वेषां गुणदोषौ च तत्त्वतः ॥ १७८ ॥

    Let him fully consider the future and the immediate results of all undertakings, and the good and bad sides of all past (actions).

  4. 179

    आयत्यां गुणदोषज्ञस्तदात्वे क्षिप्रनिश्चयः । अतीते कार्यशेषज्ञः शत्रुभिर्नाभिभूयते ॥ १७९ ॥

    He who knows the good and the evil (which will result from his acts) in the future, is quick in forming resolutions for the present, and understands the consequences of past (actions), will not be conquered.

  5. 180

    यथैनं नाभिसन्दध्युर्मित्रोदासीनशत्रवः । तथा सर्वं संविदध्यादेष सामासिको नयः ॥ १८० ॥

    Let him arrange everything in such a manner that no ally, no neutral or foe may injure him; that is the sum of political wisdom.