1. 116

    ग्रामदोषान् समुत्पन्नान् ग्रामिकः शनकैः स्वयम् । शंसेद् ग्रामदशेशाय दशेशो विंशतीशिने ॥ ११६ ॥

    The lord of one village himself shall inform the lord of ten villages of the crimes committed in his village, and the ruler of ten (shall make his report) to the ruler of twenty.

  2. 117

    विंशतीशस्तु तत् सर्वं शतेशाय निवेदयेत् । शंसेद् ग्रामशतेशस्तु सहस्रपतये स्वयम् ॥ ११७ ॥

    But the ruler of twenty shall report all such (matters) to the lord of a hundred, and the lord of a hundred shall himself give information to the lord of a thousand.

  3. 118

    यानि राजप्रदेयानि प्रत्यहं ग्रामवासिभिः । अन्नपानेन्धनादीनि ग्रामिकस्तान्यवाप्नुयात् ॥ ११८ ॥

    Those (articles) which the villagers ought to furnish daily to the king, such as food, drink, and fuel, the lord of one village shall obtain.

  4. 119

    दशी कुलं तु भुञ्जीत विंशी पञ्च कुलानि च । ग्रामं ग्रामशताध्यक्षः सहस्राधिपतिः पुरम् ॥ ११९ ॥

    The ruler of ten (villages) shall enjoy one kula (as much land as suffices for one family), the ruler of twenty five kulas, the superintendent of a hundred villages (the revenues of) one village, the lord of a thousand (the revenues of) a town.

  5. 120

    तेषां ग्राम्याणि कार्यानि पृथक्कार्याणि चैव हि । राज्ञोऽन्यः सचिवः स्निग्धस्तानि पश्येदतन्द्रितः ॥ १२० ॥

    The affairs of these (officials), which are connected with (their) villages and their separate business, another minister of the king shall inspect, (who must be) loyal and never remiss;