1. 46

    दृष्टिपूतं न्यसेत् पादं वस्त्रपूतं जलं पिबेत् । सत्यपूतां वदेद् वाचं मनःपूतं समाचरेत् ॥ ४६ ॥

    Let him put down his foot purified by his sight, let him drink water purified by (straining with) a cloth, let him utter speech purified by truth, let him keep his heart pure.

  2. 47

    अतिवादांस्तितिक्षेत नावमन्येत कं चन । न चैमं देहमाश्रित्य वैरं कुर्वीत केन चित् ॥ ४७ ॥

    Let him patiently bear hard words, let him not insult anybody, and let him not become anybody’s enemy for the sake of this (perishable) body.

  3. 48

    क्रुद्ध्यन्तं न प्रतिक्रुध्येदाक्रुष्टः कुशलं वदेत् । सप्तद्वारावकीर्णां च न वाचमनृतां वदेत् ॥ ४८ ॥

    Against an angry man let him not in return show anger, let him bless when he is cursed, and let him not utter speech, devoid of truth, scattered at the seven gates.

  4. 49

    अध्यात्मरतिरासीनो निरपेक्षो निरामिषः । आत्मनैव सहायेन सुखार्थी विचरेदिह ॥ ४९ ॥

    Delighting in what refers to the Soul, sitting (in the postures prescribed by the Yoga), independent (of external help), entirely abstaining from sensual enjoyments, with himself for his only companion, he shall live in this world, desiring the bliss (of final liberation).

  5. 50

    न चोत्पातनिमित्ताभ्यां न नक्षत्राङ्गविद्यया । नानुशासनवादाभ्यां भिक्षां लिप्सेत कर्हि चित् ॥ ५० ॥

    Neither by (explaining) prodigies and omens, nor by skill in astrology and palmistry, nor by giving advice and by the exposition (of the Sastras), let him ever seek to obtain alms.