1. 166

    अनेन नारी वृत्तेन मनोवाग्देहसंयता । इहाग्र्यां कीर्तिमाप्नोति पतिलोकं परत्र च ॥ १६६ ॥

    In reward of such conduct, a female who controls her thoughts, speech, and actions, gains in this (life) highest renown, and in the next (world) a place near her husband.

  2. 167

    एवं वृत्तां सवर्णां स्त्रीं द्विजातिः पूर्वमारिणीम् । दाहयेदग्निहोत्रेण यज्ञपात्रैश्च धर्मवित् ॥ १६७ ॥

    A twice-born man, versed in the sacred law, shall burn a wife of equal caste who conducts herself thus and dies before him, with (the sacred fires used for) the Agnihotra, and with the sacrificial implements.

  3. 168

    भार्यायै पूर्वमारिण्यै दत्त्वाऽग्नीनन्त्यकर्मणि । पुनर्दारक्रियां कुर्यात् पुनराधानमेव च ॥ १६८ ॥

    Having thus, at the funeral, given the sacred fires to his wife who dies before him, he may marry again, and again kindle (the fires).

  4. 169

    अनेन विधिना नित्यं पञ्चयज्ञान्न हापयेत् । द्वितीयमायुषो भागं कृतदारो गृहे वसेत् ॥ १६९ ॥

    (Living) according to the (preceding) rules, he must never neglect the five (great) sacrifices, and, having taken a wife, he must dwell in (his own) house during the second period of his life.