1. 116

    मार्जनं यज्ञपात्राणां पाणिना यज्ञकर्मणि । चमसानां ग्रहाणां च शुद्धिः प्रक्षालनेन तु ॥ ११६ ॥

    At sacrifices the purification of (the Soma cups called) Kamasas and Grahas, and of (other) sacrificial vessels (takes place) by rubbing (them) with the hand, and (afterwards) rinsing (them with water).

  2. 117

    चरूणां स्रुक्स्रुवाणां च शुद्धिरुष्णेन वारिणा । स्फ्यशूर्पशकटानां च मुसलौलूखलस्य च ॥ ११७ ॥

    The Karu and (the spoons called) Sruk and Sruva must be cleaned with hot water, likewise (the wooden sword, called) Sphya, the winnowing-basket (Surpa), the cart (for bringing the grain), the pestle and the mortar.

  3. 118

    अद्भिस्तु प्रोक्षणं शौचं बहूनां धान्यवाससाम् । प्रक्षालनेन त्वल्पानामद्भिः शौचं विधीयते ॥ ११८ ॥

    The manner of purifying large quantities of grain and of cloth is to sprinkle them with water; but the purification of small quantities is prescribed (to take place) by washing them.

  4. 119

    चैलवत्चर्मणां शुद्धिर्वैदलानां तथैव च । शाकमूलफलानां च धान्यवत्शुद्धिरिष्यते ॥ ११९ ॥

    Skins and (objects) made of split cane must be cleaned like clothes; vegetables, roots, and fruit like grain;

  5. 120

    कौशेयाविकयोरूषैः कुतपानामरिष्टकैः । श्रीफलैरंशुपट्टानां क्षौमाणां गौरसर्षपैः ॥ १२० ॥

    Silk and woollen stuffs with alkaline earth; blankets with pounded Arishta (fruit); Amsupattas with Bel fruit; linen cloth with (a paste of) yellow mustard.