1. 276

    कृष्णपक्षे दशम्यादौ वर्जयित्वा चतुर्दशीम् । श्राद्धे प्रशस्तास्तिथयो यथैता न तथैतराः ॥ २७६ ॥

    The days of the dark half of the month, beginning with the tenth, but excepting the fourteenth, are recommended for a funeral sacrifice; (it is) not thus (with) the others.

  2. 277

    युक्षु कुर्वन् दिनर्क्षेषु सर्वान् कामान् समश्नुते । अयुक्षु तु पितॄन् सर्वान् प्रजां प्राप्नोति पुष्कलाम् ॥ २७७ ॥

    He who performs it on the even (lunar) days and under the even constellations, gains (the fulfilment of) all his wishes; he who honours the manes on odd (lunar days) and under odd (constellations), obtains distinguished offspring.

  3. 278

    यथा चैवापरः पक्षः पूर्वपक्षाद् विशिष्यते । तथा श्राद्धस्य पूर्वाह्णादपराह्णो विशिष्यते ॥ २७८ ॥

    As the second half of the month is preferable to the first half, even so the afternoon is better for (the performance of) a funeral sacrifice than the forenoon.

  4. 279

    प्राचीनावीतिना सम्यगपसव्यमतन्द्रिणा । पित्र्यमानिधनात् कार्यं विधिवद् दर्भपाणिना ॥ २७९ ॥

    Let him, untired, duly perform the (rites) in honour of the manes in accordance with the prescribed rule, passing the sacred thread over the right shoulder, proceeding from the left to the right (and) holding Kusa grass in his hands, up to the end (of the ceremony).

  5. 280

    रात्रौ श्राद्धं न कुर्वीत राक्षसी कीर्तिता हि सा । सन्ध्ययोरुभयोश्चैव सूर्ये चैवाचिरौदिते ॥ २८० ॥

    Let him not perform a funeral sacrifice at night, because the (night) is declared to belong to the Rakshasas, nor in the twilight, nor when the sun has just risen.