1. 41

    त्रिविधा त्रिविधैषा तु विज्ञेया गौणिकी गतिः । अधमा मध्यमाग्र्या च कर्मविद्याविशेषतः ॥ ४१ ॥

    But know this threefold course of transmigrations that depends on the (three) qualities (to be again) threefold, low, middling, and high, according to the particular nature of the acts and of the knowledge (of each man).

  2. 42

    स्थावराः कृमिकीटाश्च मत्स्याः सर्पाः सकच्छपाः । पशवश्च मृगाश्चैव जघन्या तामसी गतिः ॥ ४२ ॥

    Immovable (beings), insects, both small and great, fishes, snakes, and tortoises, cattle and wild animals, are the lowest conditions to which (the quality of) Darkness leads.

  3. 43

    हस्तिनश्च तुरङ्गाश्च शूद्रा म्लेच्छाश्च गर्हिताः । सिंहा व्याघ्रा वराहाश्च मध्यमा तामसी गतिः ॥ ४३ ॥

    Elephants, horses, Sudras, and despicable barbarians, lions, tigers, and boars (are) the middling states, caused by (the quality of) Darkness.

  4. 44

    चारणाश्च सुपर्णाश्च पुरुषाश्चैव दाम्भिकाः । रक्षांसि च पिशाचाश्च तामसीषूत्तमा गतिः ॥ ४४ ॥

    Karanas, Suparnas and hypocrites, Rakshasas and Pisakas (belong to) the highest (rank of) conditions among those produced by Darkness.

  5. 45

    झल्ला मल्ला नटाश्चैव पुरुषाः शस्त्रवृत्तयः । द्यूतपानप्रसक्ताश्च जघन्या राजसी गतिः ॥ ४५ ॥

    Ghallas, Mallas, Natas, men who subsist by despicable occupations and those addicted to gambling and drinking (form) the lowest (order of) conditions caused by Activity.