1. 101

    यथा जातबलो वह्निर्दहत्यार्द्रानपि द्रुमान् । तथा दहति वेदज्ञः कर्मजं दोषमात्मनः ॥ १०१ ॥

    As a fire that has gained strength consumes even trees full of sap, even so he who knows the Veda burns out the taint of his soul which arises from (evil) acts.

  2. 102

    वेदशास्त्रार्थतत्त्वज्ञो यत्र तत्राश्रमे वसन् । इहैव लोके तिष्ठन् स ब्रह्मभूयाय कल्पते ॥ १०२ ॥

    In whatever order (a man) who knows the true meaning of the Veda-science may dwell, he becomes even while abiding in this world, fit for the union with Brahman.

  3. 103

    अज्ञेभ्यो ग्रन्थिनः श्रेष्ठा ग्रन्थिभ्यो धारिणो वराः । धारिभ्यो ज्ञानिनः श्रेष्ठा ज्ञानिभ्यो व्यवसायिनः ॥ १०३ ॥

    (Even forgetful) students of the (sacred) books are more distinguished than the ignorant, those who remember them surpass the (forgetful) students, those who possess a knowledge (of the meaning) are more distinguished than those who (only) remember (the words), men who follow (the teaching of the texts) surpass those who (merely) know (their meaning).

  4. 104

    तपो विद्या च विप्रस्य निःश्रेयसकरं परम् । तपसा किल्बिषं हन्ति विद्ययाऽमृतमश्नुते ॥ १०४ ॥

    Austerity and sacred learning are the best means by which a Brahmana secures supreme bliss; by austerities he destroys guilt, by sacred learning he obtains the cessation of (births and) deaths.

  5. 105

    प्रत्यक्षं चानुमानं च शास्त्रं च विविधाऽऽगमम् । त्रयं सुविदितं कार्यं धर्मशुद्धिमभीप्सता ॥ १०५ ॥

    The three (kinds of evidence), perception, inference, and the (sacred) Institutes which comprise the tradition (of) many (schools), must be fully understood by him who desires perfect correctness with respect to the sacred law.