1. 246

    यथैधस्तेजसा वह्निः प्राप्तं निर्दहति क्षणात् । तथा ज्ञानाग्निना पापं सर्वं दहति वेदवित् ॥ २४६ ॥

    As a fire in one moment consumes with its bright flame the fuel that has been placed on it, even so he who knows the Veda destroys all guilt by the fire of knowledge.

  2. 247

    इत्येतदेनसामुक्तं प्रायश्चित्तं यथाविधि । अत ऊर्ध्वं रहस्यानां प्रायश्चित्तं निबोधत ॥ २४७ ॥

    The penances for sins (made public) have been thus declared according to the law; learn next the penances for secret (sins).

  3. 248

    सव्याहृतिप्रणवकाः प्राणायामास्तु षोडश । अपि भ्रूणहनं मासात् पुनन्त्यहरहः कृताः ॥ २४८ ॥

    Sixteen suppressions of the breath (Pranayama) accompanied by (the recitation of) the Vyahritis and of the syllable Om, purify, if they are repeated daily, after a month even the murderer of a learned Brahmana.

  4. 249

    कौत्सं जप्त्वाऽप इत्येतद् वसिष्ठं च प्रतीत्य् ऋचम् । माहित्रं शुद्धवत्यश्च सुरापोऽपि विशुध्यति ॥ २४९ ॥

    Even a drinker of (the spirituous liquor called) Sura becomes pure, if he mutters the hymn (seen) by Kutsa, ’Removing by thy splendour our guilt, O Agni,’&c., (that seen) by Vasishtha, ’With their hymns the Vasishthas woke the Dawn,’&c., the Mahitra (hymn) and (the verses called) Suddhavatis.

  5. 250

    सकृत्जप्त्वाऽस्यवामीयं शिवसङ्कल्पमेव च । अपहृत्य सुवर्णं तु क्षणाद् भवति निर्मलः ॥ २५० ॥

    Even he who has stolen gold, instantly becomes free from guilt, if he once mutters (the hymn beginning with the words) ’The middlemost brother of this beautiful, ancient Hotri-priest’and the Sivasamkalpa.