1. 151

    वपनं मेखला दण्डो भैक्षचर्या व्रतानि च । निवर्तन्ते द्विजातीनां पुनःसंस्कारकर्मणि ॥ १५१ ॥

    The tonsure, (wearing) the sacred girdle, (carrying) a staff, going to beg, and the vows (incumbent on a student), are omitted on the second initiation of twice-born men.

  2. 152

    अभोज्यानां तु भुक्त्वाऽन्नं स्त्रीशूद्रोच्छिष्टमेव च । जग्ध्वा मांसमभक्ष्यं च सप्तरात्रं यवान् पिबेत् ॥ १५२ ॥

    But he who has eaten the food of men, whose food must not be eaten, or the leavings of women and Sudras, or forbidden flesh, shall drink barley (-gruel) during seven (days and) nights.

  3. 153

    शुक्तानि च कषायांश्च पीत्वा मेध्यान्यपि द्विजः । तावद् भवत्यप्रयतो यावत् तन्न व्रजत्यधः ॥ १५३ ॥

    A twice-born man who has drunk (fluids that have turned) sour, or astringent decoctions, becomes, though (these substances may) not (be specially) forbidden, impure until they have been digested.

  4. 154

    विड्वराहखरोष्ट्राणां गोमायोः कपिकाकयोः । प्राश्य मूत्रपुरीषाणि द्विजश्चान्द्रायणं चरेत् ॥ १५४ ॥

    A twice-born man, who has swallowed the urine or ordure of a village pig, of a donkey, of a camel, of a jackal, of a monkey, or of a crow, shall perform a lunar penance.

  5. 155

    शुष्काणि भुक्त्वा मांसानि भौमानि कवकानि च । अज्ञातं चैव सूनास्थमेतदेव व्रतं चरेत् ॥ १५५ ॥

    He who has eaten dried meat, mushrooms growing on the ground, or (meat, the nature of) which is unknown, (or) such as had been kept in a slaughter-house, shall perform the same penance.