1. 66

    पित्र्ये रात्र्यहनी मासः प्रविभागस्तु पक्षयोः । कर्मचेष्टास्वहः कृष्णः शुक्लः स्वप्नाय शर्वरी ॥ ६६ ॥

    A month is a day and a night of the manes, but the division is according to fortnights. The dark (fortnight) is their day for active exertion, the bright (fortnight) their night for sleep.

  2. 67

    दैवे रात्र्यहनी वर्षं प्रविभागस्तयोः पुनः । अहस्तत्रोदगयनं रात्रिः स्याद् दक्षिणायनम् ॥ ६७ ॥

    A year is a day and a night of the gods; their division is (as follows): the half year during which the sun progresses to the north will be the day, that during which it goes southwards the night.

  3. 68

    ब्राह्मस्य तु क्षपाहस्य यत् प्रमाणं समासतः । एकैकशो युगानां तु क्रमशस्तन्निबोधत ॥ ६८ ॥

    But hear now the brief (description of) the duration of a night and a day of Brahman and of the several ages (of the world, yuga) according to their order.

  4. 69

    चत्वार्याहुः सहस्राणि वर्षाणां तत् कृतं युगम् । तस्य तावत्शती सन्ध्या सन्ध्यांशश्च तथाविधः ॥ ६९ ॥

    They declare that the Krita age (consists of) four thousand years (of the gods); the twilight preceding it consists of as many hundreds, and the twilight following it of the same number.

  5. 70

    इतरेषु ससन्ध्येषु ससन्ध्यांशेषु च त्रिषु । एकापायेन वर्तन्ते सहस्राणि शतानि च ॥ ७० ॥

    In the other three ages with their twilights preceding and following, the thousands and hundreds are diminished by one (in each)