1. 21

    कामं शतं सहस्रं वा न ह्येष विधिरुच्यते | योजनानां भवान् शक्तो गन्तुं प्रतिनिवर्तितुम् || ४-६५-२१

    'You can go upto even a hundred thousand yojanas and have the required energy to return also. But it is not proper to send you (because you are the heir apparent). [4-65-21]

  2. 22

    न हि प्रेषयिता तात स्वामी प्रेष्यः कथञ्चन | भवताऽयं जनस्सर्वः प्रेष्यः प्लवगसत्तम || ४-६५-२२

    O dear (Angada), in anyway lord assigner cannot be an assignee, hence O best fly-jumper, all of these people are assignable by you. [4-65-22]

  3. 23

    भवान्कळत्रमस्माकं स्वामिभावे व्यवस्थितः | स्वामी कळत्रं सैन्यस्य गतिरेषा परन्तप || ४-६५-२३

    'O scorcher of enemies, you are established as the commander of the army and it is proper for us to protect you as we protect our wives. [4-65-23]

  4. 24

    अपि चैतस्य कार्यस्य भवान्मूलमरिन्दम | तस्मात्कळत्रवत्तात प्रतिपाल्यस्सदा भवान् || ४-६५-२४

    'O subduer of enemies in acomplishing this task you are the root. O dear therefore you should always be taken care of by us just like the wife looked after. [4-65-24]

  5. 25

    मूलमर्थस्य संरक्ष्यमेष कार्यविदां नयः | मूले सति हि सिद्ध्यन्ति गुणा फलो पुष्पोदयाः || ४-६५-२५

    'The root of any objective should be protected well. This is the basis of an accomplisher. Only when the roots are intact, the trees have the ability to yield flowers and fruits. [4-65-25]