1. 26

    प्रेषिताः कपिराजेन देवैरपि दुरासदाः | रामलक्ष्मणबाणाश्च निशिताः कङ्कपत्रिणः || ४-५९-२६

    'The king of monkeys has sent you on this mission. You cannot be conquered even by gods. The heron-feathered arrows of Rama and Lakshmana are sharp and strong..... - [4-59-26]

  2. 27

    त्रयाणामपि लोकानां पर्याप्तास्त्राणनिग्रहे | कामं खलु दशग्रीव स्तेजोबलसमन्वितः || ४-५९-२७

    - enough to protect or subdue all the three worlds. The tenheaded Ravana is mighty, powerful and strong, indeed. [4-59-27]

  3. 28

    भवतां तु समर्थानां न किञ्चिदपि दुष्करम् | तदलं कालसङ्गेन क्रियतां बुद्धिनिश्चयः | न हि कर्मसु सज्जन्ते बुद्धिमन्तो भवद्विधाः || ४-५९-२८

    'But you are efficient and it will not be difficult for you to achieve this task. Do not bother about the time limit. Resolve to achieve the objective, for wise people like you should not lag behind in accepting challenges.' [4-59-28]