1. 11

    न ह्यहं ते इमे सर्वे सामदानादिभिर्गुणैः | दण्डेन वा त्वया शक्यास्सुग्रीवादपकर्षितम् || ४-५४-११

    - nor even myself would subscribe to this opinion (of staying in the cave) and follow you. It is not possible for you to keep us or these monkeys from Sugriva through the policy of appeasement like Sama, Dana, Bheda or even Danda (persuasion, giving gifts, creating differences or imposing punishment). [4-54-11]

  2. 12

    विगृह्यासनमप्याहुर्दुर्बलेन बलीयसः | आत्मरक्षाकरस्तस्मान्न विगृह्णीत दुर्बलः || ४-५४-१२

    'It is said that when a strong man fights a weak one, the weak opponent should adopt the strategy of asana (watching) for selfprotection. The weak should not enter into combat with the strong. [4-54-12]

  3. 13

    यां चेमां मन्यसे धात्रीमेतद्बिलमिति श्रुतम् | एतल्लक्ष्मणबाणानामीषत्कार्यं विदारणे || ४-५४-१३

    'You may think it safe to stay here in this opening of the earth. It is a petty task for the arrows of Lakshmana to break open this so called cave. [4-54-13]

  4. 14

    स्वल्पं हि कृतमिन्द्रेण क्षिपता ह्यशनिं पुरा | लक्ष्मणो निशितैर्बाणैर्भिन्ध्यात्पत्रपुटं यथा || ४-५४-१४

    'In the past Indra had done a small damage (to the cave) with his thunderbolt. But with his sharp arrows Lakshmana will shatter the cave easily as though it is a leaf cup. [4-54-14]

  5. 15

    लक्ष्मणस्य च नाराचा बहवस्सन्ति तद्विधाः | वज्राशनिसमस्पर्शा गिरीणामपि दारणाः || ४-५४-१५

    'Lakshmna has many such iron arrows that are equal to the thunderbolt. They can even split the mountains. [4-54-15]