1. 16

    भूतले सागरे वाऽपि शैलेषु च वनेषु च | पातालस्यापि वा मध्ये न ममाच्छिद्यते गतिः || ४-४५-१६

    'I can go unobstruted on the earth, or even in the sea, on the mountains, in the forests or even to the centre of the underworld'. (said another) [4-45-16]

  2. 17

    इत्येकैकं तदा तत्र वानरा बलदर्पिताः | ऊचुश्च वचनं तत्र हरिराजस्य सन्निधौ || ४-४५-१७

    The monkeys uttered such words in the presence of their king, being proud of their prowess. [4-45-17]