1. 61

    एतावद्वानरैश्शक्यं गन्तुं वानरपुङ्गवाः | अभास्करममर्यादं न जानीमस्ततः परम् || ४-४३-६१

    'O monkey leaders it is not possible for monkeys to go beyond. The Sun does not shine beyond that place and it is not visible. We do not know what lies beyond that (Somagiri). [4-43-61]

  2. 62

    सर्वमेतद्विचेतव्यं यन्मया परिकीर्तितम् | यदन्यदपि नोक्तं च तत्रापि क्रियतां मतिः || ४-४३-६२

    'You should keep in mind the places described. You may also think of other places I might have omitted. [4-43-62]

  3. 63

    ततः कृतं दाशरथेर्महत्प्रियं महत्तरं चापि ततो मम प्रियम् | कृतं भविष्यत्यनिलानलोपमा विदेहजादर्शनजेन कर्मणा || ४-४३-६३

    'O heroic monkeys comparable to fire If you are successful in finding Vaidehi you will be carrying out your duty. Rama will be highly pleased by your action. My pleasure will be even greater. [4-43-63]

  4. 64

    ततः कृतार्थाः सहितास्सबान्धवाः मयाऽर्चितास्सर्वगुणैर्मनोरमैः | चरिष्यथोर्वीं प्रति शान्तशत्रवस्सहप्रिया भूतधराः प्लवङ्गमाः || ४-४३-६४

    'O monkeys, when you have accomplished your goal, you will be honoured by me as though you have returned after scoring a victory over the enemy. You will roam this earth with your relatives, rejoicing in the company of your loved ones.' [4-43-64]