1. 51

    एतावद्वानरैश्शक्यं गन्तुं वानरपुङ्गवाः | अभास्करममर्यादं न जानीमस्ततः परम् || ४-४२-५१

    'O great monkeys you can go only up to that point. The Sun's rays do not extend beyond this and it has no boundaries. We do not know about the area beyond this limit. [4-42-51]

  2. 52

    अधिगम्य तु वैदेहीं निलयं रावणस्य च | अस्त पर्वतमासाद्य पूर्णे मासे निवर्तत || ४-४२-५२

    'Go and find out Sita and the abode of Ravana. After this, return to the mountain behind which the Sun sets and come back on completion of a month. [4-42-52]

  3. 53

    ऊर्ध्वं मासान्न वस्तव्यं वसन् वध्यो भवेन्मम | सहैव शूरो युष्माभिश्श्वशुरो मे गमिष्यति || ४-४२-५३

    'If you tarry beyond a month, you will be slain. My fatherin law, the brave hero will go with your group. [4-42-53]

  4. 54

    श्रोतव्यं सर्वमेतस्य भवद्भिर्दिष्टकारिभिः | गुरुरेष महाबाहुश्श्वशुरो मे महाबलः || ४-४२-५४

    'You should obey him. You are meant to carry out his orders. He is not only my fatherinlaw but also a valiant, strong and powerful hero and my preceptor. [4-42-54]

  5. 55

    भवन्तश्चापि विक्रान्ताः प्रमाणं सर्व कर्मसु | प्रमाणमेनं संस्थाप्य पश्यध्वं पश्चिमां दिशम् || ४-४२-५५

    'My fatherinlaw will be your leader. His authority will be final in all matters. Accept his authority and look for Vaidehi in the western direction. [4-42-55]