1. 51

    न कोपकालः क्षितिपालपुत्र न चाति कोपस्स्वजने विधेयः | त्वदर्थकामस्य जनस्य तस्य प्रमादमप्यर्हसि वीर सोढुम् || ४-३३-५१

    - 'O prince this is not the time to get angry with your own people. He (Sugriva) is your friend and wishes to do your work. You should bear with him even if he makes a mistake. [4-33-51]

  2. 52

    कोपं कथं नाम गुणप्रकृष्टः कुमार कुर्यादपकृष्टसत्त्वे | कस्त्वद्विधः कोपवशं हि गच्छेत्सत्त्वावरुद्धस्तपसः प्रसूतिः || ४-३३-५२

    'O prince how can you, richly endowed with virtues be angry with an inferior person? How can a person like you, preeminent in virtues, and a source of great penance fall a victim to anger? [4-33-52]

  3. 53

    जानामि रोषं हरिवीरबन्धो र्जानामि कार्यस्य च कालसङ्गम् | जानामि कार्यं त्वयि यत्कृतं न स्तच्चापि जानामि यदत्र कार्यम् || ४-३३-५३

    'I know about the anger of (Rama), the friend of Sugriva. I am aware of the time limit set for his work. I am aware of our omissions in this regard. I also know about the mission. [4-33-53]

  4. 54

    तच्चापि जानामि यथविषह्यं बलं नरश्रेष्ठ शरीरजस्य | जानामि यस्मिंश्च जनेऽवबद्धं कामेन सुग्रीवमसक्तमद्य || ४-३३-५४

    'O Lakshmana I am aware of the irresistible strength of lust born out of the body. I am aware of Sugriva's indifference to his duty due to his passion with whomsoever it be. [4-33-54]

  5. 55

    न कामतन्त्रे तव बुद्धिरस्ति त्वं वै यथा मन्युवशं प्रपन्नः | न देशकालौ हि न चार्थधर्मा ववेक्षते कामरतिर्मनुष्यः || ४-३३-५५

    'You are under the grip of anger and your mind is not involved in carnal desire. One who is engaged in sensual pleasures does not reckon time and place, nor does he consider artha and dharma. [4-33-55]