1. 21

    तस्य मूर्ध्ना प्रणम्य त्वं सपुत्रस्ससुहृज्जनः | राजंस्तिष्ठस्व समये भर्तुर्भार्येव तद्वशः || ४-३२-२१

    'O king bow down your head along with your son, friends and relations and honour the oath just as a wife subordinates to the will of the husband. Stand by obediently. [4-32-21]

  2. 22

    न रामरामानुजशासनं त्वया कपीन्द्र युक्तं मनसाऽप्यपोहितुम् | मनो हि ते ज्ञास्यति मानुषं बलं स राघवस्यास्य सुरेन्द्रवर्चसः || ४-३२-२२

    'O king of monkeys It is not right for you to overlook the commands of Rama or Lakshmana even in mind. You know the superhuman virtues of Rama, particularly his valour. The two brothers are like Indra (and Upendra) in valour and might.' [4-32-22]