1. 16

    क्रियतां राघवस्यैतद्वैदेह्याः परिमार्गणम् | तदिदं वीर कार्यं ते कालातीतमरिन्दम || ४-२९-१६

    - of finding Rama's Vaidehi. O crusher of enemies, O hero, this is your duty at present and it is already delayed. [4-29-16]

  2. 17

    न च कालमतीतं ते निवेदयति कालवित् | त्वरमाणोऽपि सन्प्राज्ञस्तव राजन्वशानुगः || ४-२९-१७

    'O king a wise man (like Rama) who is aware of timely action would not tell you even if it is unduly delayed, even when he is in a hurry to get the work done, since he is staying in your kingdom (since he is dependant on you). [4-29-17]

  3. 18

    कुलस्य हेतुः स्फीतस्य दीर्घबन्धुश्च राघवः | अप्रमेयप्रभावश्च स्वयं चाप्रतिमो गुणैः || ४-२९-१८

    'Rama is responsible in lending stability to you and to your wellknown family. He will continue to be your ally for a long time. Let it be known that his power is boundless and his virtues peerless. [4-29-18]

  4. 19

    तस्य त्वं कुरु वै कार्यं पूर्वं तेन कृतं तव | हरीश्वर कपिश्रेष्ठानाज्ञापयितुमर्हसि || ४-२९-१९

    'O king pray accomplish his object the same way he has accomplished your own. You ought to issue orders to the foremost of the monkeys. [4-29-19]

  5. 20

    न हि तावद्भवेत्कालो व्यतीतश्चोदनादृते | चोदितस्य हि कार्यस्य भवेत्कालव्यतिक्रमः || ४-२९-२०

    'Time will not be deemed lapsed in vain if the work is sincerely taken up without delay and without pressure from your ally, Rama. If it is undertaken under pressure, it will be considered transgression of time. [4-29-20]