1. 11

    कशाभिरिव हैमीभिर्विद्युद्भिरिवताडितम् | अन्तस्त्सतनिर्घोषं सवेदनमिवाम्बरम् || ४-२८-११

    'The sky lashed with lightnings with whips of gold and emitting groans in the form of peals of thunder, appears as though crying in severe pain. [4-28-11]

  2. 12

    नीलमेघाश्रिता विद्युत्स्फुरन्ती प्रतिभाति मा | स्फुरन्ती रावणस्याङ्के वैदेहीव तपस्विनी || ४-२८-१२

    'The triggering of lightning in the dark clouds appears to me like austere Vaidehi struggling helplessly to get free from the lap of Ravana. [4-28-12]

  3. 13

    इमास्ता मन्मथवतां हिताः प्रतिहता दिशः | अनुलिप्ता इव घनैर्नष्टग्रहनिशाकराः || ४-२८-१३

    'Smeared as it were with dense clouds and therefore blocked the directions in which planets including the Moon cease to appear are favourable to lovers. The Moon is said to accenuate the pangs of separation from one's ladylove. Hence the quarters in which the Moon and the stars are hidden by clouds, have been favourable to the lovelorn. [4-28-13]

  4. 14

    चिद्बाष्पाभिसंरुद्धान् वर्षागमसमुत्सुकान् | कुटजान्पश्य सौमित्रे पुष्पितान्गिरिसानुषु | मम शोकाभिभूतस्य कामसन्दीपनान् स्थितान् || ४-२८-१४

    'O Saumitri look at the kutaja (wild jasmine) flowers standing on the mountain slopes withered by the heat. They welcome the fresh showers of rain and rekindle passion in me even though my heart is overwhelmed with grief. [4-28-14]

  5. 15

    रजः प्रशान्तं सहिमोऽद्य वायु र्निदाघदोषप्रसराः प्रशान्ताः | स्थिता हि यात्रा वसुधाधिपानां प्रवासिनो यान्ति नरास्स्वदेशान् || ४-२८-१५

    'Now the dust has settled and the wind carrying mist is cool. The torments of summer have ceased. The expeditions of kings have come to a stop and the travellers return to their native land. [4-28-15]