1. 6

    न कालः कालमत्येति न कालः परिहीयते | स्वभावं च समासाद्य न कश्चिदतिवर्तते || ४-२५-६

    'God (though independent) does not deviate from Time. Time cannot be escaped or trangressed. It cannot be condoned or avoided. No one can transgress their own nature. [4-25-6]

  2. 7

    न कालस्यास्ति बन्धुत्वं न हेतुर्न पराक्रमः | न मित्रज्ञातिसम्बन्धः कारणं नात्मनो वशः || ४-२५-७

    'Time has no consideration for relationship, friendship, or kinship or valour. Time itself is the cause. It is never under one's control. [4-25-7]

  3. 8

    किं तु कालपरीणामो द्रष्टव्यस्साधु पश्यता | धर्मश्चार्थश्च कामश्च कालक्रमसमाहिताः || ४-२५-८

    'However a wise man should visualise the turn of events in course of time with the right vision. Dharma, artha and kama are controlled by an order laid down by Time. [4-25-8]

  4. 9

    इतस्स्वां प्रकृतिं वाली गतःप्राप्तः क्रियाफलम् | धर्मार्थकाम संयोगैः पवित्रं प्लवगेश्वरः || ४-२५-९

    'Vali, king of monkeys is dead and gone. He acted according to his own nature and attained the sacred fruit of his action comensurate with dharma, wealth and pleasures in this world. [4-25-9]

  5. 10

    स्वधर्मस्य च संयोगाज्जितस्तेन महात्मना | स्वर्गः परिगृहीतश्च प्राणानपरिरक्षता || ४-२५-१०

    'Great Vali has earned a place in heaven by virtue of his own dharma and not caring for his own life. He has got the heavenly position he earned. [4-25-10]