1. 11

    द्रुमशाखावभग्नोऽहं मुहुर्तं परिनिष्टनन् | सान्त्वयित्वा त्वनेनोक्तो न पुनः कर्तुमर्हसि || ४-२४-११

    'When my brother hit me with the branch of a tree I screamed for a while. But he pacified me and said it was improper and he would not repeat it. [4-24-11]

  2. 12

    भ्रातृत्वमार्यभावश्च धर्मश्चानेन रक्षितः | मया क्रोधश्च कामश्च कपित्वं च प्रदर्शितम् || ४-२४-१२

    'Thus while nobility, a feeling of respect,brotherliness and duty was shown to me by my brother, I exhibited wrath, passion and frivolity, the nature of the monkey. [4-24-12]

  3. 13

    अचिन्तनीयं परिवर्जनीय मनीप्सनीयं स्वनवेक्षणीयम् | प्राप्तोऽस्मि पाप्मानमिमं नरेन्द्र भ्रातुर्वधात्त्वाष्ट्रवधादिवेन्द्र: || ४-२४-१३

    'O king just as Indra committed sin by killing Tvashta, I have reaped the sin by killing my brorther which is unthinkable, avoidable, undesirable and ignoble. [4-24-13]

  4. 14

    पाप्मानमिन्द्रस्य मही जलं च वृक्षाश्च कामं जगृहुः स्त्रियश्च | को नाम पाप्मानमिमं क्षमेत शाखामृगस्य प्रतिपत्तुमिच्छेत् || ४-२४-१४

    'Trees owned the sin of Indra and it was shared by the earth, water and women voluntarily. But who is there to pardon a monkey and own the sin? [4-24-14]

  5. 15

    नार्हामि सम्मानमिमं प्रजानां न यौवराज्यं कुत एव राज्यम् | अधर्मयुक्तं कुलनाशयुक्त मेवंविधं राघव कर्म कृत्वा || ४-२४-१५

    'O Rama having acted in an unrighteous manner, which destroys the clan, I am not fit to accept the respect of people nor the status of a prince regent, what to speak of kingship? [4-24-15]