1. 21

    आव्रजन्ती ददर्शाथ पतिं निपतितं भुवि | हन्तारं दानवेन्द्राणां समरेष्वनिवर्तिनम् || ४-१९-२१

    As she was nearing ( the spot ) she saw her husband, a great conqueror of monkeys who never retreated from the battle, mortally hit and fallen on the ground. [4-19-21]

  2. 22

    क्षेप्तारं पर्वतेन्द्राणां वज्राणामिव वासवम् | महावातसमाविष्टं महामेघौघनिस्स्वनम् || ४-१९-२२

    Vali who used to hurl huge mountains like Indra discharges thunderbolts, who had the speed of wind of high velocity, who would roar like huge thundering clouds,..... - [4-19-22]

  3. 23

    क्रतुल्यपराक्रान्तं वृष्टवेवोपरतं घनम् | नर्दन्तं नर्दतां भीमं शूरं शूरेण पातितम् || ४-१९-२३

    - (Vali) who was equal to Indra in prowess looked like a huge monsoon cloud that had calmed down after pouring all water, a roaring warrior who could frighten others, struck down by another warrior,..... - [4-19-23]

  4. 24

    शार्दूलेनामिषस्यार्थे मृगराजं यथाहतम् | अर्चितं सर्वलोकस्य सपताकं सवेदिकम् || ४-१९-२४

    - appeared like a lion killed by a tiger for the sake of meat. Having a banner and altar and reverentially worshipped by the entire world,..... - [4-19-24]

  5. 25

    नागहेतोस्सुपर्णेन चैत्यमुन्मथितं यथा | अवष्टभ्य च तिष्ठन्तं ददर्श धनुरुत्तम् || ४-१९-२५

    - Vali looked like a chaitya ( a tree of worship ) but destroyed by Garuda on account of a serpent (hidden in it). ( Here Rama is Garuda, Sugriva, serpent and Vali a sacred Chaitya ). Leaning on the best of bows, standing there firmly..... -[4-19-25]