1. 51

    बालश्चाकृतबुद्धिश्च एकपुत्रश्च मे प्रियः | तारेयो राम भवता रक्षणीयो महाबलः || ४-१८-५१

    'O Rama he is my only son through Tara and dear to me. He is young, innocent but strong. He deserves to be protected by you. [4-18-51]

  2. 52

    सुग्रीवे चाङ्गदे चैव विधत्स्व मतिमुत्तमाम् | त्वं हि शास्ता च गोप्ता च कार्याकार्यविधौ स्थितः || ४-१८-५२

    'Shower equal affection from your heart on Sugriva and Angada. You are their protector and punisher also. You know what should and should not be done. [4-18-52]

  3. 53

    या ते नरपते वृत्तिर्भरते लक्ष्मणे च या | सुग्रीवे चाङ्गदे राजंस्तां त्वमाधातुमिहासि || ४-१८-५३

    'O lord of men may you have the same kind of affection for Sugriva and Angada as you have for Bharata and Lakshmana. [4-18-53]

  4. 54

    मद्दोषकृतदोषां तां यथा तारां तपस्विनीम् | सुग्रीवो नावमन्येत तथाऽवस्थातुमर्हसि || ४-१८-५४

    'I hope Tara will not be made to suffer because of my offence. Make Sugriva not to run wretched Tara down. [4-18-54]

  5. 55

    त्वया ह्यनुगृहीतेन राज्यं शक्यमुपासितुम् | त्वद्वशे वर्तमानेन तव चित्तानुवर्तिना || ४-१८-५५

    'It is possible for a person favoured by you to rule the kingdom. For one who is under your control and acts according to your will,..... - [4-18-55]