1. 46

    प्रतिवक्तुं प्रकृष्टे हि नापकृष्टस्तु शक्नुयात् | यदयुक्तं मया पूर्वं प्रमादाद्वाक्यमप्रियम् || ४-१८-४६

    Indeed an ignoble cannot disprove a nobleman, Raghava, and with regards to the undesirable and improper words I have unwittingly spoken earlier, as I spoke them in anguish and ignorance..... - [4-18-46]

  2. 47

    तत्रापि खलु मे दोषं कर्तुं नार्हसि राघव | त्वं हि दृष्टार्थतत्त्वज्ञ: प्रजानां च हिते रतः | कार्यकारणसिद्धौ च प्रसन्ना बुद्धिरव्यया || ४-१८-४७

    - in that mater too it will be truly unapt of you to make me blameworthy. You are a wise man given to truth and righteousness.You remain devoted to people's wellbeing. As you know for certain about cause and effect your intellect is sound and words pleasant. [4-18-47]

  3. 48

    मामप्यगतधर्माणं व्यतिक्रान्तपुरस्कृतम् | धर्मसंहितया वाचा धर्मज्ञ परिपालय || ४-१८-४८

    'O knower of dharma, I did not follow dharma in the past. I have trangressed the bounds of dharma. Say, you have pardoned me, protect me in a righteous manner. [4-18-48]

  4. 49

    न त्वात्मानमहं शोचे न तारां न च बान्धवान् | यथा पुत्रं गुणज्येष्ठमङ्गदं कनकाङ्गदम् || ४-१८-४९

    'I neither grieve for myself nor for Tara nor for my kinsmen. But I do for my son Angada adorned with golden armlets. He is embellished with all virtues. [4-18-49]

  5. 50

    स ममादर्शनाद्दीनो बाल्यात्प्रभृति लालितः | तटाक इव पीताम्बुरुपशोषं गमिष्यति || ४-१८-५०

    'I loved him very much from his childhood. He will grow depressed in my absence. He will become like a pond whose waters have been dried up. [4-18-50]