1. 21

    सतां वेषधरं पापं प्रच्छन्नमिव पावकम् | नाहं त्वामभिजानामि धर्मच्छद्माभिसंवृतम् || ४-१७-२१

    'You are a sinful man covered with the mask of piety thus resembling a hidden fire. I failed to recognise that righteousness is a mere pretext for you. [4-17-21]

  2. 22

    विषये वा पुरे वा ते यदा पापं करोम्यहम् | न च त्वामवजाने च कस्मात्त्वं हंस्यकिल्बिषम् || ४-१७-२२

    'I did no harm to your affairs or to your city. I did not insult you. Why did you choose to kill me,..... - [4-17-22]

  3. 23

    फलमूलाशनं नित्यं वानरं वनगोचरम् | मामिहाप्रतियुध्यन्तमन्येन च समागतम् || ४-१७-२३

    - a monkey roaming in the forest and living on fruits and roots? I was not fighting you. Why did you come and strike a person like me? [4-17-23]

  4. 24

    त्वं नराधिपतेः पुत्रः प्रतीतः प्रियदर्शनः | लिङ्गमप्यस्ति ते राजनन्दृश्यते धर्मसंहितम् || ४-१७-२४

    'O prince, you are son to a king, handsome and famous. Even signs of righteousness are discernible in you. [4-17-23]

  5. 25

    कः क्षत्रियकुले जात्शृतवान्नष्टसंशयः | धर्मलिङ्गप्रतिच्छन्न क्रूरं कर्म समाचरेत् || ४-१७-२५

    'Who, born in a kshatriya family, versed in the Vedas and free from doubt will commit such a cruel act under the guise of righteousness? [4-17-25]