1. 16

    रामः करुणवेदी च प्रजानां च हिते रतः | सानुक्रोशो जितोत्साहस्समयज्ञो दृढव्रतः | इति ते सर्वभूतानि कथयन्ति यशो भुवि || ४-१७-१६

    ''Rama is a kind soul, engaged in the wellbeing of people, compassionate and enthusiastic, one who has a sense of time and steadfast in vows', in this way all beings of the world praise your fame. [4-17-16]

  2. 17

    दमश्शमः क्षमा धर्मो धृतिस्सत्यं पराक्रमः | पार्थिवानां गुणा राजन्दण्डश्चाप्यपराधिषु || ४-१७-१७

    'O king self-control ( of organs of action and sense organs ), righteousness, steadfastness, truthfulness, valiance and capacity to punish the offenders are virtues of a king. [4-17-17]

  3. 18

    तान्गुणान्सम्प्रधार्याहमग्र्यं चाभिजनं तव | तारया प्रतिषिद्धोऽपि सुग्रीवेण समागतः || ४-१७-१८

    'Believing that you are a repository of all these virtues are in you, and respecting your noble lineage I engaged in a duel with Sugriva even though I was forewarned ( by Tara ). [4-17-18]

  4. 19

    न मामन्येन सम्रब्धं प्रमत्तं योद्धु मर्हसि | इति मे बुद्धिरुत्पन्ना बभूवादर्शने तव || ४-१७-१९

    'When you have not appeared before me when I confronted Sugreeva my concept was, 'it will be inapt of Rama to hurt me while I am combating with another combatant, besides, when I will be unvigilant in that fight...' [4-17-19]

  5. 20

    न त्वां विनिहतात्मानं धर्मध्वजमधार्मिकम् | जाने पापसमाचारं तृणैः कूपमिवावृतम् || ४-१७-२०

    'I did not know that you have killed your soul ( by acting against your conscience ), that you are sinful in conduct and unrighteous under the show of virtues like a well, its mouth covered with grass. [4-17-20]