1. 21

    द्रवन्ति च मृगाश्शीघ्रं भग्ना इव रणे हयाः | पतन्ति च खगा भूमौ क्षीणपुण्या इव ग्रहाः || ४-१४-२१

    The deer were unable to run like wounded horses in a battle. Birds fell down on the ground like planets fall when their merit is exhausted. [4-14-21]

  2. 22

    ततस्सजीमूतगणप्रणादो नादं ह्यमुञ्चत्त्वरया प्रतीतः | सूर्यात्मजश्शौर्यविवृद्धतेजाः सरित्पतिर्वाऽनिलचञ्चलोर्मिः || ४-१४-२२

    Then Sugriva, son of the Sungod, with his lustre enhanced by his valour moved swiftly. His roar resembled the rumbling of a cluster of thundering clouds. He gave a war-cry the tone of which resembled the sounds of waves lashed by high velocity winds in the sea. [4-14-22]