1. 76

    तमजय्यमधृष्यं च वानरेन्द्रममर्षणम् | विचिन्तयन्न मुञ्चामि ऋश्यमूकमहन्विमम् || ४-११-७६

    'Thinking that this indignant, invincible lord of the monkeys, cannot be overpowered, I have not stepped out of Rishyamuka. [4-11-76]

  2. 77

    उद्विग्नश्शङ्कितश्चापि विचरामि महावने | अनुरक्तैः सहामात्यैर्हनुमत्प्रमुखैर्वरैः || ४-११-७७

    I am moving about these forests along with earnest ministers like Hanuman and other significant ones, only because I am disconcerted and sceptical of him. [4-11-77]

  3. 78

    उपलब्धं च मे श्लाघ्यं सन्मित्रं मित्रवत्सल | त्वामहं पुरुषव्याघ्र हिमवन्तमिवाश्रितः || ४-११-७८

    'I have discovered in you a faithful friend. O tiger among men, O venerable one, you are to me like the Himalayas. [4-11-78]

  4. 79

    किं तु तस्य बलज्ञोऽहं दुर्भ्रातुर्बलशालिनः | अप्रत्यक्षं तु मे वीर्यं समरे तव राघव || ४-११-७९

    'What to do? I know the strength of my mighty bad brother. But so far I have not seen your power in a battle. [4-11-79]

  5. 80

    न खल्वहं त्वां तुलये नावमन्ये न भीषये | कर्मभिस्तस्य भीमैस्तु कातर्यं जनितं मम || ४-११-८०

    'The dreadful acts of Vali have made me feel timid. This is not to compare you with him or your strength with his or insult you and scare you. [4-11-80]