1. 36

    असंयतात्मना योगो दुष्प्राप इति मे मतिः । वश्यात्मना तु यतता शक्योऽवाप्तुमुपायतः ॥ ६-३६ ॥

    In my opinion Yoga is hard to attain by a person of unrestrained self (mind). However, it can be attained through right means by him, who strives for it and has a subdued self (mind).

  2. 37

    अर्जुन उवाच । अयतिः श्रद्धयोपेतो योगाच्चलितमानसः । अप्राप्य योगसंसिद्धिं कां गतिं कृष्ण गच्छति ॥ ६-३७ ॥

    Arjuna said: O Krsna! Failing to achieve perfection in Yoga, what goal does one attain who, though possessed of faith, is not diligent and whose mind becomes deflected from Yoga?

  3. 38

    कच्चिन्नोभयविभ्रष्टश्छिन्नाभ्रमिव नश्यति । अप्रतिष्ठो महाबाहो विमूढो ब्रह्मणः पथि ॥ ६-३८ ॥

    O Mighty-armed (Shri Krsna)! One, fallen from both, without support, deluded on the path to Bramh, does he not get ruined like a scattered cloud?

  4. 39

    एतन्मे संशयं कृष्ण छेत्तुमर्हस्यशेषतः । त्वदन्यः संशयस्यास्य छेत्ता न ह्युपपद्यते ॥ ६-३९ ॥

    O Krsna, You are the only one who can totally eradicate this doubt of mine. For, none other than Yourself can be the destroyer of this doubt!

  5. 40

    श्रीभगवानुवाच । पार्थ नैवेह नामुत्र विनाशस्तस्य विद्यते । न हि कल्याणकृत्कश्चिद् दुर्गतिं तात गच्छति ॥ ६-४० ॥

    Shri Bhagvan said: O Partha! There is certainly no ruin for him, neither here (in this world) nor there (in the next). For, no one engaged in good meets with a deplorable end, My son!