1. 11

    चिन्तामपरिमेयां च प्रलयान्तामुपाश्रिताः । कामोपभोगपरमा एतावदिति निश्चिताः ॥ १६-११॥

    Beset with innumerable cares which end (only) with death, holding that the enjoyment of desirable objects is the highest goal, feeling sure that this is all.

  2. 12

    आशापाशशतैर्बद्धाः कामक्रोधपरायणाः । ईहन्ते कामभोगार्थमन्यायेनार्थसञ्चयान् ॥ १६-१२॥

    Bound by a hundred ties of hope, given over to lust and anger, they strive to obtain by unlawful means hoards to wealth for sensual enjoyments.

  3. 13

    इदमद्य मया लब्धमिमं प्राप्स्ये मनोरथम् । इदमस्तीदमपि मे भविष्यति पुनर्धनम् ॥ १६-१३॥

    "This has been gained by me today; this desire of mine I shall fuffil; this wealth is mine and more wealth also shall be mine in future."

  4. 14

    असौ मया हतः शत्रुर्हनिष्ये चापरानपि । ईश्वरोऽहमहं भोगी सिद्धोऽहं बलवान्सुखी ॥ १६-१४॥

    "That enemy has been slain by me; and others also I shall slay. I am Ishwar ( the lord ), I enjoy, I am perfect, I am powerful and happy."

  5. 15

    आढ्योऽभिजनवानस्मि कोऽन्योऽस्ति सदृशो मया । यक्ष्ये दास्यामि मोदिष्य इत्यज्ञानविमोहिताः ॥ १६-१५॥

    "I am wealthy and born in a noble family. Who else is equal to me? I shall perform sacrifices. I shall give (charity). I shall rejoice,"Thus they think, deluded by ignorance.