1. 1

    पुत्रांश्चिरगतान् ज्ञात्वा सगरो रघुनंदन | नप्तारमब्रवीद्राजा दीप्यमानं स्वतेजसा || १-४१-१

    Oh ! Delight of the Raghus, king Sagara, realising that his sons had left long ago said to his grandson Anshuman resplendent with his own lustre:..... - [1-41-1]

  2. 2

    शूरश्च कृतविद्यश्च पूर्वैस्तुल्योऽसि तेजसा | पितृणां गतिमन्विच्छ येन चाश्वोऽपहारितः || १-४१-२

    - 'You are valiant. You have acquired knowledge (in various fields). You are illustrious like your ancestors. Pursue the track taken by your uncles and by the thief who ran away with the horse'. - [1-41-2]

  3. 3

    अन्तर्भौमानि सत्त्वानि वीर्यवन्ति महान्ति च | तेषां त्वं प्रतिघातार्थं सासिं गृह्णीष्व कार्मुकम् || १-४१-३

    - 'Creatures in the depths of the earth are powerful and mighty. Carry with you a bow and weapons to counter their attack'. - [1-41-3]

  4. 4

    अभिवाद्याभिवाद्यांस्त्वां हत्वा विघ्नकरानपि | सिद्धार्थः संनिवर्तस्व मम यज्ञस्य पारगः || १-४१-४

    - 'Honour those who deserve it. Kill those who cause obstacles to sacrifice. Come back with your mission accomplishing and safely. And ensure the (successful) completion of my Vedic-ritual'. [1-41-4]

  5. 5

    एवमुक्तोंऽशुमान्सम्यक् सगरेण महात्मना | धनुरादाय खड्गं च जगाम लघुविक्रमः || १-४१-५

    Having been throughly instructed by the highsouled Sagara in this way, Anshuman left with rapid strides carrying a sword and a bow. [1-41-5]