1. 31

    एष ते राम गंगाया विस्तरोऽभिहितो मया | कुमारसंभवश्चैव धन्यः पुण्यस्तथैव च || १-३७-३१

    This way, I have vividly narrated the legend of Ganga to you, oh ! Rama, like that the Divine and Meritorious legend of the emergence of Kumara, namely Skanda is also narrated. [1-37-31]

  2. 32

    भक्तश्च यः कार्तिकेये काकुत्स्थ भुवि मानवः | आयुष्मान् पुत्र पौत्रश्च स्कन्दसालोक्यतां व्रजेत् || १-३७-३२

    He who is a devotee of Kartikeyaa, oh ! Rama of Kakutstha, he thrives with longevity, also with sons, grandsons on this humanly earth in his mortal life, and on its conclusion he becomes one with Skanda on journeying to Skanda's abode. [1-37-32]