1. 11

    त्रैलोक्यहितकामार्थं तेजस्तेजसि धारय | रक्ष सर्वानिमान् लोकान्नालोकं कर्तुमर्हसि || १-३६-११

    - and desiring the welfare of the three worlds you may please retain your refulgent seed within your own radiance, thus protect this universe, since it will not be apt of you to render it devoid of worlds with the efflux of the unmanageable potence of yours .' So said gods to Shiva. [1-36-11]

  2. 12

    देवतानां वचः श्रुत्वा सर्वलोकमहेश्वरः | बाढमित्यब्रवीत् सर्वान् पुनश्चेदमुवाच ह || १-३६-१२

    On listening the words of gods, Mahadeva, Rarefied-God of Universe, namely Shiva said, 'so be it,' and further spoke this to all of the gods, indeed. [1-36-12]

  3. 13

    धारयिष्याम्यहं तेजस्तेजस्येव सहोमया | त्रिदशाः पृथिवी चैव निर्वाणमधिगच्छतु || १-३६-१३

    "Together with Uma I will preserve the semen in my body thereby the devatas and also the earth will have peace. - [1-36-13]

  4. 14

    यदिदं क्षुभितं स्थानान्मम तेजो ह्यनुत्तमम् | धारयिष्यति कस्तन्मे ब्रुवन्तु सुरसत्तमाः || १-३६-१४

    - But that part which has already stirred up from its place is irrestrainable, as such, oh gods of eminence, you tell me who can contain that part of the unexcelled potence.' So said Shiva to gods. [1-36-14]

  5. 15

    एवमुक्तास्ततो देवाः प्रत्यूचुर्वृषभध्वजम् | यत्तेजः क्षुभितं ह्यद्य तद्धरा धारयिष्यति || १-३६-१५

    Thus spoken by Shiva, then the gods in reply spoke to him whose banner is Divine-Bull, namely Shiva, 'that part of the potence which has already stirred up, the earth indeed endures that now'. [1-3-15]