1. 21

    उग्रेण तपसा युक्तां ददौ शैलवरः सुताम् | रुद्रायाप्रतिरूपाय उमां लोकनमस्कृताम् || १-३५-२१

    Himavan the best of mountains gave his daughter Uma associated with severe austerities and venerated by the whole world in marriage to the unrivalled Rudra. [1-35-21]

  2. 22

    एते ते शैलराजस्य सुते लोकनमस्कृते | गंगा च सरितां श्रेष्ठा उमादेवी च राघव || १-३५-२२

    Oh ! Raghava,Ganga, the holiest of rivers and Uma devi are two daughters of the king of the mountains, (Himavan), they are worshipped by the entire world.

  3. 23

    एतत्ते सर्वमाख्यातं यथा त्रिपथगामिनी | खं गता प्रथमं तात गतिं गतिमतां वर || १-३५-२३

    O child with a marvellous gait I have related to you about Ganga flowing across the three worlds, Ganga who reached the heaven first and all that. [1-35-23]

  4. 24

    सैषा सुरनदी रम्या शैलेन्द्रतनया तदा | सुरलोकं समारूढा विपापा जलवाहिनी || १-३५-२४

    As such, that marvellous and sinless daughter of the lordly mountain Himavanta, ever-flowing in the form of water, ascended to the abode of divinities and became devaganga , Divine River. [1-35-24]