1. 1

    ब्रह्मयोनिर्महानासीत् कुशो नाम महातपाः | अक्लिष्टव्रतधर्मज्ञः सज्जनप्रतिपूजकः || १-३२-१

    "Once there was a highly righteous kingly sage who was the son ( Maanasputra ) of Brahma, whose ascesis was of higher order, who had never flouted the rules of rituals or his vows, and who revered the knowers of virtue by name Kusha." ( Thus Sage Vishvamitra commenced narration ). [1-32-1]

  2. 2

    स महात्मा कुलीनायां युक्तायां सुमहाबलान् | वैदर्भ्यां जनयामास चतुरः सदृशान् सुतान् || १-३२-२

    - That great soul, Kusha, married the princess of Vidarbha born in a noble family and a match for him. He begot four virtuous sons who resembled him. - [1-32-2]

  3. 3

    कुशाम्बं कुशनाभं च अधूर्तरजसं वसुम् | दीप्तियुक्तान् महोत्साहान् क्षत्रधर्मचिकीर्षया || १-३२-३

    - They were Kushamba, Kushanaabha, Adhuurtarajasa also called as Asuurtarajasa, and Vasu. They were brilliant and highly enthusiastic. With an aspiration that his sons shall uphold the principles of Kshatriya-s,..... - [1-32-3]

  4. 4

    तानुवाच कुशः पुत्रान् धर्मिष्ठान् सत्यवादिनः | क्रियतां पालनं पुत्रा धर्मं प्राप्स्यथ पुष्कलम् || १-३२-४

    - Kusha addressed his pious and truthful sons : "Oh ! my sons, govern with righteousness so that you will acquire immense merit''. [1-32-4]

  5. 5

    कुशस्य वचनं श्रुत्वा चत्वारो लोकसत्तमाः | निवेशं चक्रिरे सर्वे पुराणां नृवरास्तदा || १-३२-५

    - On hearing the words of Kusha those four sons that were revered in the world and the best men among people initiated to build four cities. [1-32-5]