1. 16

    ततो मायां समास्थाय शिलावर्षेण राघवौ | अवाकिरत् सुमहता ततश्चुक्रोध राघवः || १-२६-१६

    Then invoking the power of magic, she showered extensive rain of boulders on both the descendants of Raghu. Rama was enraged at this. [1-26-16]

  2. 17

    शिलावर्षं महत्तस्याः शरवर्षेण राघवः | प्रतिवार्योपधावन्त्याः करौ चिच्छेद पत्रिभिः || १-२६-१७

    Rama retaliated that mighty rain of rocks with a volley of arrows. While she was advancing towards him, he cut off her hands. [1-26-17]

  3. 18

    ततश्च्छिन्नभुजां श्रान्तामभ्याशे परिगर्जतीम् | सौमित्रिरकरोत् क्रोधाद् हृतकर्णाग्रनासिकाम् || १-२६-१८

    When she was tired and roaring in a nearby place with her hands chopped off, Lakshmana cut off her ears and the tip of her nose in indignation. [1-26-18]

  4. 19

    कामरूपधरा सा तु कृत्वा रूपाण्यनेकशः | अन्तर्धानं गता यक्षी मोहयन्ती स्वमायया || १-२६-१९

    Capable of assuming forms at will, that yakshini intending to delude the princes through her power of magic, vanished from the sight. She then assumed various forms and..... - [1-26-19]

  5. 20

    अश्मवर्षं विमुंचन्ती भैरवं विचचार सा | ततस्तावश्मवर्षेण कीर्यमाणौ समन्ततः || १-२६-२०

    - released a rain of rocks. And started moving about frightfully. Both ( Rama and Lakshmana ) who are being overspread by storms of stones from all-over,..... - [1-26-20]