1. 21

    यथार्हमजपन् संध्यामृषयस्ते समाहिताः | तत्र वासिभिरानीता मुनिभिः सुव्रतैः सह || १-२३-२१

    The rishis with composed minds recited their evening prayer as usual. The ascetics who resided there, faithful to their vows, took them in. [1-23-21]

  2. 22

    न्यवसन् सुसुखं तत्र कामाश्रमपदे तथा | कथाभिरभिरामभिरभिरामौ नृपात्मजौ | - रमयामास धर्मात्मा कौशिको मुनिपुङ्गवः || १-२३-२२

    There they staed happily in Kama's ( wish fulfilling ) hermitage. Foremost among the ascetics the son of Kusika (Vishwamitra) delighted the charming princes with enchanting tales. [1-23-22]