1. 21

    शोकेन महताविष्टश्चचाल च मुमोह च | लब्धसंज्ञस्तथोत्थाय व्यषीदत भयान्वितः || १-१९-२१

    - shuddered and swooned as he was muffled up with profound adversity, and after that on regaining consciousness he sunk down in fear. [1-19-21]

  2. 22

    इति हृदयमनोविदारणं मुनिवचनं तदतीव शुश्रुवान् | नरपतिरभवन्महान् महात्मा व्यथितमनाः प्रचचाल चासनात् || १-१९-२२

    This way on hearing that word of the saint Vishvamitra which was explicitly slitting his mind and heart that illustrious and noble-souled king Dasharatha then became highly annoyed at heart, and flustered extremely in his throne. [1-19-22]