1. 36

    पिता दशरथो हृष्टो ब्रह्मा लोकाधिपो यथा | ते चापि मनुजव्याघ्रा वैदिकाध्ययने रताः || १-१८-३६

    Dasharatha rejoiced and looked like Brahma, Lord of the worlds. Even those tigerly-men, namely the princes, were engrossed in the studies of Veda-s,.....- [1-18-36]

  2. 37

    पितृशुश्रूषणरता धनुर्वेदे च निष्ठिताः | अथ राजा दशरथस्तेषां दारक्रियां प्रति || १-१८-३७

    - delighted to render service to their father and they were also the experts in art of archery. Then the noble souled Dasharatha about the matrimonial alliances of his sons,.....- [1-18-37]

  3. 38

    चिंतयामास धर्मात्मा सोपाध्यायः सबान्धवः | तस्य चिन्तयमानस्य मन्त्रि मध्ये महात्मनः || १-१८-३८

    - contemplated along with his priestly teachers and relatives. While the great souled Dasharatha was discussing the marriages of princes among his ministers,.....- [1-18-38]

  4. 39

    अभ्यागच्छन्महातेजा विश्वामित्रो महामुनिः | स राज्ञो दर्शनाकांक्षी द्वाराध्यक्षानुवाच ह || १-१८-३९

    - the highly powerful sage Vishvamitra arrived. Desirous to have an audience with king (Dasharatha), Vishvamitra said to the doorkeeper,.....- [1-18-39]

  5. 40

    शीघ्रमाख्यात मां प्राप्तं कौशिकं गाधिनः सुतम् | तच्छ्रुत्वा वचनं तस्य राज्ञो वेश्म प्रदुद्रुवुः || १-१८-४०

    - "Let the king be informed quickly that I, the son of Gadhi from the dynasty of Kushi, have come". On hearing those words (of Vishvamitra) all of them rushed to the place of Dasharatha.....- [1-18-40]